Shed Sessions Ep: 2 - Summertime- Doc Watson by Turbine Toolshed

Hometown: Amarillo, TX
Genres: Americana
Members: Carlos Martinez-Arraras Unzurrunzaga,Eddie Esler, Montana Joe Standiford, Tory Wood, Maggie Burt

Turbine Toolshed is a group of musicians that came together by meeting up for weekly "Monday Night Jams" at a very special canyon just outside of Amarillo, Texas, called The Lost Canyon. While all hailing from different musical backgrounds, such as Folk, Hip-Hop, Bluegrass, Blues, Dance Music and Texas Country, they are able to meet in the middle to create a genre that is truly unclassifiable. It is each members understanding of their own genre, while also forming it into the band's collective sound, that makes each night a different and memorable experience for the audience. Even though the band members backgrounds are different, they can agree on one thing, and that is to keep the audience dancing.

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