Ray was born in Alabama in 1970. Ray’s father was a daytime construction worker and moonlighted as a honky-tonk musician. As a young boy, Ray’s family moved around and after living in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, they settled back in Texas. During these years, Ray had a dream of becoming a musician. Inspired by countless bands and musicians from The Doors and The Police, to Chuck Berry and The Beatles, he followed his passion for music and his dream to be a stage musician.
After playing bass for a Hard Rock/Punk band and a Heavy Metal band in the 1990’s, Ray set his dream aside to become a respected and successful business owner and community leader in Amarillo, Texas. Fifteen years after he quit playing music, the urge to express himself musically was still overwhelming, so, in 2009, he pulled his bass guitar and is dream out of the closet, blew the dust off and began to give them the attention they demanded. Soon after, Ray's dream to once again record and play live music began. The journey is now.

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