John Wesley Coleman - "The Love That You Own" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN III is bound to be at least one thing: fun. He’s dubbed himself a “trash poet,” but the fact is that his work spins together comedy, music, and storytelling, all while Coleman dabbles in visual arts and screenwriting, too. His latest release, a full-length entitled The Love That You Own via Burger Records, is comprised of 10 tracks that may be Coleman’s best yet, expanding on a garage-rock feel and capitalizing on his notable sense of humor. Check out the video for album track “Hanging with the Band” in the player above, and check out more from JWCIII beyond the freshly released The Love That You Own by heading over to band camp/local record store- Paste Magazine

THE RICH HANDS are a three piece rock-n-roll outfit hailing from San Antonio, TX. High School friends that bonded over a love for 50's... rock n roll and 60's pop. These boys might be channeling the greats of a time way before they were born but they pump out soulful blues filled stomps so good that would make a classic Detroit assembly line jealous. This is the real deal.

WESTERN PLAZA local dirtsurf teen idols debut album out now on Burger Records. 

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