Ian Moore & The Lossy Coils "Tap the Till"

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Genres: Rock / Indie Pop / Folk
Label: Spark & Shine
Members: Ian Moore, Matt Harris, Kullen Fuchs, Kyle Schneider

El Sonido Nuevo, due out March 8th on Spark & Shine, is the 7th studio record from Seattle-based singer-songwriter Ian Moore.

The Lossy Coils, features Moore, bassist Matt Harris, and drummer Kyle Schneider. With Moore’s inspiring guitar work leading the way, El Sonido Nuevo alternates between rockers and ballads, pure songs and pure sounds, with a lush pop introduction that follows the same Beatles-by-the-way-of-Big Star thread that has informed the best work of contemporaries like Wilco.

Moore grew up in Austin, Texas, in the early ’90s as a blues-guitar virtuoso. Early sideman duty for Texas roots legend Joe Ely led to a 1993 self-titled solo record on Capricorn that propelled Moore to critical opening gigs for the Stones and Dylan, as well as an appearance in Billy Bob Thornton’s hit film Slingblade.

Dave Hickey in Art in America magazine called Modernday Folklore “one of the best moments in contemporary art in 1996,” while Harp magazine observes, “Since the early ’90s the native Texan has refused corporate molding in favor of freedom and the artistic rewards are staggering.” Moore’s 2004 release Luminaria received numerous accolades, including from Billboard, who noted, “The burden of the contemporary singer/ songwriter is in formulating a sound that is completely unique. With Luminaria, Ian Moore accomplishes just that.” And of 2007’s To Be Loved, All Music Guide wrote, “Moore has created a brand of challenging yet highly melodic new-millennium pop-rock that establishes him as an audacious songwriter and player. He has struck that rare balance between astute complexity and utter pop appeal.”

He has made hundreds of radio and television appearances, from regional TV shows to the Today show and the Late Show With David Letterman to a one-hour DIRECTV special, American Idol contestants have covered Moore’s songs “Blue Sky” and “Satisfied.” And the Austin Music Awards have repeatedly voted him Best Singer, Musician and Band.

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