How does a kid born in Concordia Parish, Louisiana, and raised on catfish and venison in Callahan County, Texas end up playing Greune Hall at the age of 22? Ask Garrett Bryan and he’ll tell you it’s a long story. Listen to his music and it becomes obvious

Garrett’s two year touring experience with Callahan Divide helped him understand that the relationships between an artist, the venue, and the audience are sacred and should be based on honesty, passion, and mutual respect. The payoff is a kinship with the house that recurs with every encounter

The bottom line is that Garrett Bryan knows who he is, and he’s a good man. He also knows that hard work and keeping your word are the keys to success in the music business. He loves what he does because he has a story to tell. Perhaps the most important part of all this is that Garrett Bryan understands the timbre of a heart--and audiences know it


With local support from Amarillo dream pop Sweethearts: Vamping


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