It's a three-fer!

Duane Mark: With a versatile writing style, Duane Mark delivers his heart felt stories with a personal take on American Roots music... and a little whiskey!

WT Newton: Americana from the front porch, and roots for the hopeless. Driven by an undying work ethic, WT Newton writes songs for the underdogs in all of us.

Quinlan Conley & the I-90 Blues are an Americana-infused punk rock band from Livingston, Montana. Fronted by veteran punk rock warlord Quinlan Conley, the band ranges from the explosive glory days of mosh pits to the introspective, dirt worn lullabies of blue collar folk music. With a dash of soul, they take you to the junk yards and forgotten factories of a dying America.


$8 Cover!

$3 Crown All Night!

Music @ 9:00 P.M.

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