DefSmyth is a five member country-tinged rock band based in Amarillo, Texas.  The band was formed in 2014 by Mike Merriman, Jimmy Doche and Rick Faucett.  After several lineup attempts with other players, they found the right mix with the addition of Tony Smeaton and Ronn Taylor in 2016.  DefSmyth is a study in contrasts as well as in camaraderie.  While sharing old friendships, the band members share diverse musical background influences of r&b, rock and country.  Some have called it “Southwestern/rock fusion”.

Their punchy raw sound draws heavily from artists that have influenced the individual members such as Poco, Tom Petty, Desert Rose Band and JD Souther. 
The band features Mike Merriman on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Rick Faucett on pedal steel, Tony Smeaton on drums, Jimmy Doche on lead guitar and Ron Taylor on bass.  They are known for their energetic live shows.

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